David Lefkowitz - The Lasting Influence of Salomon Sulzer - K7

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
1-1 Prelude Halleluyah    01:33David Lefkowitz 
1-2 ma tovu    03:29David Lefkowitz 
1-3 lecho dodi    08:31David Lefkowitz 
1-4 tov lehodos    06:28David Lefkowitz 
1-5 borechu    01:24David Lefkowitz 
1-6 shema yisrael    01:49David Lefkowitz 
1-7 v'lo sosuro    01:31David Lefkowitz 
1-8 mi chamocho    01:53David Lefkowitz 
1-9 hashkivenu    05:49David Lefkowitz 
2-1 veshomru    01:32David Lefkowitz 
2-2 chezi kaddish    02:07David Lefkowitz 
2-3 Silent Prayer    01:55David Lefkowitz 
2-4 retzei    02:56David Lefkowitz 
2-5 kiddush    03:26David Lefkowitz 
2-6 hine ma tov    03:05David Lefkowitz 
2-7 hine bor'chu    03:45David Lefkowitz 
2-8 olenu    02:24David Lefkowitz 
2-9 adon olam    05:16David Lefkowitz