David Lefkowitz - Tenth Annual Service of Classical Liturgical Music - K7

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
1-00 Side 1 Complete    26:04David Lefkowitz 
1-01 pit'hu li    01:35David Lefkowitz 
1-02 hodu ladonai    01:51David Lefkowitz 
1-03 befi yesharim    01:34David Lefkowitz 
1-04 barekhu    00:57David Lefkowitz 
1-05 el adon    02:50David Lefkowitz 
1-06 vekhulam pot'him - vekhulam mekablim    00:55David Lefkowitz 
1-07 kadosh    00:44David Lefkowitz 
1-08 shema yisrael    00:38David Lefkowitz 
1-09 emet she-atah    00:44David Lefkowitz 
1-10 mi khamokhah    00:59David Lefkowitz 
1-11 tzur yisrael    01:33David Lefkowitz 
1-12 titgadal    04:28David Lefkowitz 
1-13 av harahamim    02:07David Lefkowitz 
1-14 shema yisrael    02:06David Lefkowitz 
1-15 lekha adonai    03:11David Lefkowitz 
2-00 Side 2 Complete    34:03David Lefkowitz 
2-01 yehi ratzon    07:43David Lefkowitz 
2-02 mi she-asah nisim    01:52David Lefkowitz 
2-03 yehadshehu    02:00David Lefkowitz 
2-04 etz hayim hi    02:56David Lefkowitz 
2-05 hatzi kaddish    02:17David Lefkowitz 
2-06 musaf kedushah    05:06David Lefkowitz 
2-07 yismehu    02:05David Lefkowitz 
2-08 ve-al kulam    04:01David Lefkowitz 
2-09 sim shalom    06:00David Lefkowitz