From Tel Aviv with Love

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
1-1 Tel Aviv    03:27Aris San 
1-2 Isidor    04:18Shula Chen 
1-3 Two Apples (shney tapuchim)    03:19henryk Pick 
1-4 A Song is Born    01:51 
1-5 tmunat rega (Fleeting Image)    02:31Tzila Dagan 
1-6 On the Ready    03:43 
1-7 Summer's Wonders    02:26 
2-1 Perhaps on the Beach    03:40 
2-2 Tomorrow Dawn Will Rise Again    02:21Tzachi Noy and Yael 
2-3 shalosh ahavot (Three Loves)    02:39Chava Alberstein  
2-4 Mini Maxi    04:04Mike Burstein 
2-5 On the Promenade    02:32Aris San 
2-6 The Discotheque is Closed    03:50the Parvarim