Mordechai Hershman - The Best Cantorial Work Vol. 1

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
Aneinu [aneynu]    04:00Mordechai Hershman 
Brocho fun Hallel    03:54Mordechai Hershman 
Eilu Devorim [elu devarim]    04:26Mordechai Hershman 
Halbein Chatoeinu [halben chata'eynu]    04:04Mordechai Hershman 
Hashem Hashem    04:10Mordechai Hershman 
Modim Anachnu Loch [modim anachnu lach]    04:46Mordechai Hershman 
Shma Koleinu [shema kolenu]    04:19Mordechai Hershman 
Tal    04:24Mordechai Hershman 
The marriage service (1 & 2)    08:13Mordechai Hershman