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We are proud to announce the signing of an agreement of collaboration between the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive and the Jewish Music Research Centre of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Together, we will work to promote research, educational and other scholarly activities pertaining to the Jewish and Israeli music held in our world-class collections. This will include enhancing the DJSA by sharing biographical, musicological, and sociological metadata. We are appreciative to Dartmouth College and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for their commitment to international academic cooperation and exchange of ideas. Kudos to Professor Edwin Seroussi, director of the Jewish Music Research Centre and recipient of the prestigious Israel Prize, for all he has done to make this historic agreement possible. 

If you would like to help the project: We are always looking for additional records to add to our archive. We are interested in any kind of recordings (78rpm, cylinders, LPs, tapes) that have relevance to Jewish culture and history. If you would like to donate old records that clutter your basement, please contact us. We also can use all the help we can get. We are looking for help in adding tracks to the database. If you are at Dartmouth and you are interested, contact us.

A word to libraries or organizations with record collections that sit unused. We are interested in taking these records off your hands and helping you freeing up shelf space. The recordings will be available again in digital form to users all over the world. If you are in this situation, please contact us.

The Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive was established in 2002 as a repository of sound recordings for researchers and students. Please note, it is not a free music download site. If you are not on campus at Dartmouth College, you will need to have a user account.  To register you will need to demonstrate a legitimate scholarly or research purpose. User accounts are good for 1 year and can be renewed as needed.  NOTE: The procedure has changed significantly from what it once was.  We need to ensure that access is limited to authorized users and for this purpose Dartmouth uses a "Web Authentication" page, that requires proper credentials.  At this time, in order to register you will need one of: a Facebook account, a Gmail account (Google), or a Yahoo account.  

You will find in the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive a wide range of material:

  • Web-based access to Jewish recordings that are not commercially available.
  • Related, searchable information that can aid in the study of Jewish music and culture, Jewish society, and the history of Jewish recordings.

You will find here a rich array of recordings, some of them rare, dating back to the early 1900s. Our database includes sound files, scanned images of record covers and labels, and details of the recordings and their contents.

Among the materials that you can browse and search are:

  • Jewish humor in many languages
  • Yiddish folk songs
  • Yiddish theater
  • Ladino songs
  • Israeli folk songs
  • Chassidic nigunim
  • Cantorial performances
  • Religious services
  • Children's stories
  • Classical music by Jewish composers or performers
  • Historical Recordings
  • Radio shows and documentaries

... and other material that defies classification.

Finding Material: We recommend you try using the Quick Search field on the right panel of any window in this site, it's the easiest way to find tracks. More advanced searching and browsing features are also available in the Search or Browse tabs on the upper right. 

Please Note: Material available in our archive may be copyrighted and should not be downloaded or reproduced. Please read the copyright page.