Yehoram Gaon - Songs for Passover in the Sephardic Tradition (Cánticos Tradicionales de Pesah)

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
Adir Hu (Mighty is He)    00:49Yehoram Gaon 
Betset Yisrael Mimitsrayim (When Israel Went forth from Egypt)    01:07Yehoram Gaon 
Cantar de los Cantares (Song of Songs)    01:36Yehoram Gaon 
Ele Moade Adonay (These are the Holy Days)    01:15Yehoram Gaon 
Ir me quero madre (I Want to Go to Jerusalem)    04:27Yehoram Gaon 
Kadesh Urhatz (Bless and Wash)    01:23Yehoram Gaon 
Kama Maalot Tovot (Dayenu) (How Many Wonderful Things)    01:21Yehoram Gaon 
Ki Lo Nae (For Praise to him is Proper)    01:19Yehoram Gaon 
Odekha ki Anitani (I Thank Thee, for Thou Hast Heard Me)    01:35Yehoram Gaon 
Quen Supiensey Entendiense (Who Knows One)    03:02Yehoram Gaon 
Shezufat Shemesh (Tanned by the Sun)    02:21Yehoram Gaon 
Sovre Una Cuanta Más (How Great, Doubled and Redoubled...)    01:21Yehoram Gaon 
Un Cavritico (An Only Kid)    03:42Yehoram Gaon 
Uv Moftim-Elu Eser Makot (The Ten Plagues)    02:10Yehoram Gaon