David Abikzer - Sephardic High Holiday Selections

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
Adir Vena'or    02:46David Abikzer 
Adon Haslichot    02:15David Abikzer 
Ana BeKorenu    03:04David Abikzer 
Aneinu    04:21David Abikzer 
El Nora Alila    02:12David Abikzer 
Et Sha'arei Ratson    02:01David Abikzer 
Hashem Shamati    03:38David Abikzer 
Kol Nidrei    06:11David Abikzer 
Lema'ancha    02:26David Abikzer 
Sichu Leimi    03:55David Abikzer 
Yah Shma Evioncha    02:23David Abikzer 
Yedei Rashim    02:54David Abikzer