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In this page you will find links to items that may be of interest but which do not fit in the sound archive.  The range of topics will vary, consisting of porjects centered on the DJSA.

William Freedman Poetry Reading

Our friends Bill Freedman and Helen Palogue live in Israel, but in the summer they are much closer to us in Vermont.  Bill kindly agreed to read for us from his book of poems "Last Things and After."  Bill reads for us in English, the language in which he wrote the poems.  Helen reads for us the same poems in Hebrew, from the book "דברים אחרונים ואחר כך" the beautiful Hebrew translation by Haggai Rogani.

Student Project

Daniel Schley, who graduated from Dartmouth in 2012, worked with Professor Glinert on a project in which he interviewed personalities associated with the American Jewish music scene.

Velvel Pasternak Mark Kligman Avraham Fried
Martin Davidson Anthony Davidson Sherwood Goffin


The Helman Lieber Manuscripts Collection

The Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive is delighted to present this unique collection of cantorial scores meticulously hand-written by Cantor Helman Lieber (1904-1987). Additionally, it includes a home-made audio recording of Cantor Lieber. His daughters, Frumie Lieber Burns and Hannah Lieber, gave us permission to scan the collection and post it on our site. Additionally, they provided detailed biographical notes about Cantor Lieber and his work.

This image is a link to the manuscripts.  We hope that you find this material interesting and inspiring.


The Samuel Kutcher Rare Recordings

Our collection has been enriched with some rare recordings thanks to the kindness of Mr. Jeff Kutcher, retired Mathematics Teacher who now lives in Igualada in Spain.  Jeff is Mr. Samuel Kutcher’s great nephew and he wrote for us a short biographical note about his great uncle as well as a detailed information on the tracks he contributed to the DJSA in the form of a table.


Unfamiliar Melodies - The Adoption of Western European Torah Chant by Mainstream Ashkenazi Anglo-Jewry

MPhil Thesis by Jaclyn Chernett, City University London, 1998.

Ms. Chernett kindly contributed her thesis to the DJSA.  We have compiled a number of links to relevant items in the DJSA as well.