Kol Ha'Shofar

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
Blessings and Haftorah Reading    03:55David M. Hausdorff 
Blessings and Torah reading for Sabbath    02:08David M. Hausdorff 
Calls and Laws of the Shofar    01:48David M. Hausdorff 
Cycle of 10 Calls at Conclusion of service    00:52David M. Hausdorff 
Cycle of 10 Calls During Additional Service    00:33David M. Hausdorff 
Ecclesiastes (Feast of Tabernacles)    01:09David M. Hausdorff 
Esther (Feast of Lots)    01:31David M. Hausdorff 
Excerpts from High Holy Day Prayers Concerning Shofar    02:59David M. Hausdorff 
Lamentations (Fast of the Ninth of Ab) [eicha]    01:34David M. Hausdorff 
Laws and interpretation of Shofar Soundings    05:05David M. Hausdorff 
Reading for High Holy Days    01:32David M. Hausdorff 
Reading of the Song, The Crossing of the Red Sea [shirat moshe]    00:30David M. Hausdorff 
Ruth (Feast of Weeks)    02:06David M. Hausdorff 
Song of Songs (Passover) [shir hashirim]    01:01David M. Hausdorff 
The three shofar sounds, blessings, First Cycle Ritual    04:42David M. Hausdorff