Moishe Oysher - The Moishe Oysher Seder - Issue 1

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
1-01 Intro to the Kiddush    01:31Barry Gray 
1-02 Kiddush    06:41Moishe Oysher 
1-03 Intro to Ho Lachmo Anyo    00:34Barry Gray 
1-04 Ho Lachmo Anyo    01:20Moishe Oysher 
1-05 Intro to the four questions    00:07Barry Gray 
1-06 The four questions    03:14 
1-07 V'hi She umdo    05:35Moishe Oysher 
1-08 Intro to the plagues    00:06Barry Gray 
1-09 Recitation of the plagues    01:54Moishe Oysher 
1-10 Dayenu    02:14Moishe Oysher 
1-11 Intro to Brucha    00:08Barry Gray 
1-12 brucha    00:40Moishe Oysher 
1-13 Intro to matzoh Moro    00:10Barry Gray 
1-14 Blessing of the Moror    00:30Moishe Oysher 
2-01 Grace after meals    07:34Moishe Oysher 
2-02 Intro to Eliyahu    00:25Barry Gray 
2-03 Eliyahu    01:32Moishe Oysher 
2-04 Intro to blessing    00:09Barry Gray 
2-05 Blessing    00:40Moishe Oysher 
2-06 Intro to Hallel    00:15Barry Gray 
2-07 Hallel    07:46Moishe Oysher 
2-08 Intro to Chassidic song    00:16Barry Gray 
2-09 Chassidic song    02:27Moishe Oysher 
2-10 Intro to Chad Gadya    00:28Moishe Oysher 
2-11 Chad Gadya    03:23Moishe Oysher 
Side 1 (complete)    24:47 
Side 2 (complete)    24:55