Dave Tarras - Murray Lehrer and Orchestra - Freilachs for Weddings Bar Mitzvahs and Other Celebrations Vol 3

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
A chasene in Israel    06:29 
Beim Rebbens Tish    06:48 
Clarinet Polka    03:21 
Der Schneider bei der arbeit    02:33 
Oif a chasene in Bessarabia    03:49 
Oi Kishinev Oi Kishinev    02:34 
Old European waltz medley    03:23 
Remember the Yiddish theater    07:20 
Richard's bar Mitzvah Tanz    03:28 
Russian Sher    03:38 
Selections from Shulamith    04:45