Rakhel - Songs of Israel

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
Ayil Ayil    02:10Rakhel Hadass 
Azi    01:37Rakhel Hadass 
Bat Tsurim    01:46Rakhel Hadass 
Gazi Lee    03:37Rakhel Hadass 
Hava Nagila    02:21Rakhel Hadass 
Kalu Raglayeem    01:31Rakhel Hadass 
Ken Yovdu    02:23Rakhel Hadass 
Layla    03:21Rakhel Hadass 
Mi Barechev    01:48Rakhel Hadass 
Mi Yivneh    02:01Rakhel Hadass 
Sa'enu    04:02Rakhel Hadass 
Shim'u Shim'u    02:43Rakhel Hadass 
Shirat Haro'e    01:50Rakhel Hadass 
Shir Hashomer    02:45Rakhel Hadass 
Shnai Orot Balayeel    03:34Rakhel Hadass