Avraham Fried - Aderaba - Cassette

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Track TitleDurationPerformer 
01 Kol Yisroel    03:50Avraham Fried 
02 Aderaba    08:51Avraham Fried 
03 Kaitzad    03:31Avraham Fried 
04 Nisht G'Daaget    07:39Avraham Fried 
05 Ha Shomayim    03:03Avraham Fried 
06 Hiney (ma tov)    04:59Avraham Fried 
07 Ki Ha Mitzvah    07:51Avraham Fried 
08 Achas    05:47Avraham Fried 
09 La Yehudim    03:20Avraham Fried 
10 Ani Ma'amin    07:53Avraham Fried